Smokin' Gorilla

What is Smokin' Gorilla?
May we present to you the Smokin' Gorilla' Collection, prepare to let the story of the Island unfold before your eye's, this collection promises to deliver an adventurous storyline with twist's and turns. Our aim is deliver a brand that will hold the test of time. We will incorporate a unique mix of NFT & Limited Clothing. As you add to your gorilla troop, parts of the Island will open that will present new opportunities as our team builds and creates, with the hope to offer more engagement to our holders as the project grows. NFT's allow us to bond and connect with an image that we own as we search for the key element inside it that uniquely represents us, NFT's are a means of living vicariously, expressing another side to our selves. We wanted to encapsulate the risk mentality that comes with NFT's and Crypto and reflect that in a brand that is linked to something quite obviously risky but yet legal worldwide, while also adapting that into It's own Brand - Smokin' Gorilla. What does it mean to be a Smokin' Gorilla? If you bought an NFT for a $1000 and your girlfriend broke up with you because the NFT looked like a squashed cabbage and then it 10X'd, your a Smokin' Gorilla.
If you bought Bitcoin at 60k and you believe in it's future use case so much that you held even when everyone laughed at you for buying the top your a Smokin' Gorilla. To summarise If you can laugh in the face of loss or danger you are a Smokin' Gorilla. Now, it's time for the story of the Island to take it's course.
Last modified 8mo ago